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The growing urge for data driven solutions has seen a obviously substantial surge in the demand for business intelligence tools. In one of our previous articles, we have addressed selection criteria for BI tools based on different aspects such as reporting, dashboard creation, smart analytics, deployment, embedded, etc. Apart from the basic questionnaire pertaining to […]

Since its inception in the late 40’s, the software has changed from being mere programming systems to platforms hosting a variety of applications. Software is now an essential part of enterprises to streamline various business operations, These include sales and marketing, accounting, customer relationship management, human resource management, etc.  Enterprise software applications play a major role in enterprises […]

“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data”. The above quote by Daniel Keys Moran, an American computer programmer illustrates the essence of data in this fiercely competitive business world. Whether you want to improve your business performance, increase profits, achieve operational efficiency, or improve your business intelligence, leveraging the […]

The advent of business intelligence has resulted in an increase in demand for analytical tools. Businesses are no longer content with traditional performance reports. Rather, more elaborative, and self-explanatory analytical tools are required which can effectively extract accountability from strategy and monitor the progress. Dashboards and Scorecards are two such analytical tools that provide you […]

What is Business Intelligence Business intelligence refers to an umbrella term that covers all features for gathering, sorting, integrating, analyzing, and presenting business information. The goal of a business intelligence tool is to convert information into actionable insights and help businesses make data-driven business decisions. Figure below shows example of a business intelligence tool with […]

While juggling your business activities with meeting consumer demands and complying with regulations, you must have come across technological terms like insights, data, and information. While data is your raw information, insights are often the misunderstood concept. Many organizations actually fail to understand that insight is not a single data point nor an observation nor […]

What is Data Visualization? A pictorial representation of data depicting imperative information like complex relationships within large datasets constitutes what one usually refers to as Data Visualization. The objective is to refine large amounts of data into visual graphics and identify different trends, outliers, and patterns in data. It provides a visualized context to the […]