Category: Data Analytics

In this data dominated world, vital business decisions are often attributed to the processes used in converting raw data into actionable insights. There is always a constant need for a reliable way to resolve important business issues and establish trends. But, before that, it is essential to have in-depth information about individual business processes and results. For […]

In this ever metamorphizing technological world driven unanimously by consumer-centric strategies, change is the only constant. Today it has become imperative for companies to be substantially agile and sophisticated; enough to keep up with the pace of changing demands such as a market trend or change in consumer needs. This lays the foundation for predictive […]

In this digital universe, data is undoubtedly ubiquitous and of course overpowering. Current trends of business growth depend on the effective implementation of a business intelligence suite. This in turn depends on leveraging the avalanche of data available, thus encouraging the management to gain insights on the data, perceive on-going processes and strategize ways to […]

While juggling your business activities with meeting consumer demands and complying with regulations, you must have come across technological terms like insights, data, and information. While data is your raw information, insights are often the misunderstood concept. Many organizations actually fail to understand that insight is not a single data point nor an observation nor […]

What is Data Visualization? A pictorial representation of data depicting imperative information like complex relationships within large datasets constitutes what one usually refers to as Data Visualization. The objective is to refine large amounts of data into visual graphics and identify different trends, outliers, and patterns in data. It provides a visualized context to the […]