For all the talk about how the self-service analytics revolution and the democratization of data will empower all employees and enterprises, the revolution cannot begin, if the price is too high for enterprise adoption.

We at BIRD want to empower organizations with actionable insights at all levels of decision making, not just with our powerful product, but also with our accessible pricing.

  • Simple, user-based fee
  • Custom pricing for enterprises and startups alike
  • Annual license model
  • Full-stack platform
  • Upgrades for free

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    Flexible Pricing Plans

    All pricing plans include

    Simple & Flexible User Interface

    Shallow Learning Curve

    No Setup & Support Fee

    Mobility On-The-Go

    Elastic Compute Engine

    Scope of Managed Services

    • Assist in data acquisition, data transformation, and data wrangling related activities
    • Assist in data modeling – design of star and snowflake schema’s
    • BIRD team becomes your SQL developer/IT team for report creation and report deployment
    • On-boarding support via screen sharing
    • Dedicated account executive
    • Back-up data
    • Support in migration
    • Manage User/Group creation and access controls based on an organizational pyramid
    • Enable SSO access if needed
    • Assist in integration-related activities through REST/API access


    How long does the trial period last?

    14 days. For extension contact sales

    What features do I get on the trial?

    With a 1 GB of data limit, you will have access to our Start-up plan

    How do I report a bug?

    BIRD allows you to raise a ticket, Please submit a ticket. As applicable, please include screenshots and steps to reproduce. In some cases, we will request a web session with a consultant or copies of your dashboard in order to investigate the issue. After the issue is confirmed and reproduced, we will provide the information to our development team and update you when the issue has been reviewed.

    I have an urgent issue; Can I call and speak to support immediately?

    Our technical consultants are accessible by submitting a ticket and will contact you to schedule a session as needed. We prioritise response based on urgency, severity and customer opted for priority support.

    Can you tell me more about pricing?

    For more information, please contact¬†[email protected]

    Can I submit feature requests via a support ticket?

    We encourage you to share your idea with support team. BIRD Analytics product team regularly reviews these ideas, and take them into consideration when defining product road map.

    BIRD is the fastest Big Data analytics platform offering full-stack BI & AI-driven analytics